Carbon Footprint Friends

This project was created by Eco Communities on the back of its link with Giki. The Giki programme fits really closely with the Eco Communities aims. Giki Zero provides a step by step guide to a lighter carbon footprint. It’s aim are similar – Helping people live more sustainably. Sign up to Carbon Footprint Friends.

Our Great Big Green Week Festival linked the principles of Giki in its core message. As Giki is online our Carbon Footprint Friends project has brought it to the physical out of the virtual. The Children had great fun checking out the nature activities and answering questions linked backed to our stalls. Below shows you some activities that the grown ups tried…

Our Eco Communications Giki Issue 3 magazine

Our Festival Activities to lighten your carbon footprint

Swap any trip for a bike ride – the best way to do this is travel to the event by bike. We will have plenty of racks on hand. Then why not take part in our best dressed bike and owners competition. Arrive – get your Carbon Footprint Friends activity sheet and get one stamped off straight away. ✔️

Grow your knowledge about climate change- get over to the Climate Action Chester & District stall for a chat or join the Climate Cafe at 12pm for another stamp. Only 6 more to go. ✔️

Buy Fairtrade – so your tummy is starting to rumble now and time for a drink. Get to Vivocare’s Cafe for a Fairtrade hot drink, or visit the two Fairtrade stalls in the marquee where you can get Fairtrade items for as little as 70p. ✔️

Switch to veggie lunches for a week – we are going to trust you on this one and to get this stamp you just need to chat to the team from The Bear Bakery or The Doughnut Whisperer. Buy something if you want, I love them both. But they will stamp your sheet just for having a chat, then I’ll trust you will stick this one out over the week. Did you know according to research by University of Manchester, the highest Carbon Footprint sandwich was the All Day Breakfast at a whopping 1,400 co2(e). The Egg Mayo & Cress was half the footprint at around 700 co2(e). Then if you make it at home it brings the footprint down even more. ✔️

Plant some pollinator friendly flowers – this more effort when you get home but again we trust you.
Over 75% of all flowering plants on earth need help from pollinators. Here are a few foods we could lose without pollinators: bananas, chocolate, strawberries and tomatoes. Here are some tips from The Grass People – who’s seeds we have been using in our projects for some time. So now is a great time to get planting. ✔️

‘The best time to sow wildflower seeds is in autumn as this will give you the earliest display of wildflowers. However, wildflower seeds can be sown throughout the year with bloom usually taking place after 60-80 days. It may be the case that the first bloom may be after the first winter of the seeds being in the soil’

You get a two for one here.

Wash your hair with a bar of shampoo & Switch from shower gel to soap

Traditional shampoo and shower gel is 80-90% water. Then it’s packaged in plastic, it’s larger to transport, so has a much larger Carbon Footprint. Generally it’s more expensive so you’ll save money as well as plastic. Soaps tend to have more natural ingredients especially if you can find one made by smaller, local brands. Shop Local. Visit our Eco Communities stall and buy one of our sets made by Lesley at Tree Bee Apothecary, if you are already a convert we will stamp your sheet but you might still like to buy a pack to support a friend to convert. ✔️✔️

Pick up local litter – as part of Plastic Free Chester we started group litter picks only stopped due to Covid. Most plastic drinks bottles can easily be recycled which saves them going to landfill or the sea. Plastic bottles are one of the most common forms of litter. Recycling a drinks can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours, that’s enough for a box set binge!Litter attracts more litter so you’ll stop any problems getting worse. Less litter is good for wild animals and pets and will help thousands of animals avoid injury every year.

Get your stamp by:

Join the Plastic Free Chester litter pick at the end of the event 3.30pm. Speak to the Street Scene team and use the QR code they have to sign up to get our updates on when our group picks are. Sign up to become a Womble where you live. ✔️

That’s your 8, finished, why not sign up for the full online program and keep going. See how much Carbon you can save.

If not all of these work for you, look out for the signs around the site with other options.

We all need to make change, but we also need to make our voice heard. We need to contact our MPs, contact businesses and our councils. What are our Council doing, ask them. Contacting your MP and business are both Giki steps. You can use platforms like Impact Score to check up on businesses Eco credentials .

After the event we hope to pilot a project linking to local businesses around Chester, where supporting the shop gets you a step and a stamp on your card. We will also be creating packs, like the soap one above which help you complete a step, these will be sold on Karen’s The Kind Shop, along with more items to support fundraising for our projects.